The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published new guidance about the investigation, treatment and management of primary thyroid disease. We welcome the guideline and hope it will make a positive contribution towards improving the standardisation of care for thyroid patients in primary and hospital care across England and Wales.

The BTF was one of the stakeholders in the consultation process and we invited our members, and other patients and carers, to share their views and comments on the guideline documents. We are grateful to all the people who contacted us with their feedback and comments, all of which were passed on to the NICE committee.

Importantly, the process highlighted that there is still a number of areas where further research is needed to determine the best course of treatment for some thyroid patients. We therefore welcome all the research recommendations that have been identified. These include studies that will improve understanding on the effectiveness and long-term safety of the existing treatments for people with hyperthyroidism, and also more research into levothyroxine/liothyronine combination therapy for hypothyroidism. As a patient support organisation we are pleased to see the guidelines also recommend that verbal and written information should be presented to patients at each stage of their diagnosis and treatment. This will enable them better informed about their condition and in a stronger position to make shared decisions about their care.

We will be hosting a one-day patient information event about the latest thyroid guidelines on Saturday 8 February in London. To find out more about the event and how to book your place follow this link.

To read the full NICE guideline for the assessment and management of thyroid disease
See the BTF website for further patient information and support.