The Evelyn Ashley Smith Award

Winners of our first BTF Nurse Awards received the Evelyn Ashley Smith Award. Evelyn Ashley Smith was a member of the BTF for many years. She made this award available to improve the care provided to patients with thyroid disorders.

Nurse Award 2015 (1) Breidge Boyle, Maternal, Fetal and Infant Research: Institute for Nursing and Health Research, Ulster University. 'Maternal thyroid disease, thyroid drug use in pregnancy and the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes; including specific congenital anomalies and later physical and intellectual development'

Nurse Award 2015 (2) Bridget Knight, Research Midwife, NIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility

Nurse Award 2014 Greta Lyons, Clinical Research Facility, Cambridge

Nurse Award 2013 Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and its Management & DVD Audit

Nurse Award 2010 Thyroxine replacement in pregnancy and pre-conception: An audit of patient and GP knowledge of guidelines and current clinical practice in Leicestershire

Nurse Award 2009 Nurse-led thyroid telephone consulting

Nurse Award 2008 Improving the care of people receiving radioiodine treatment

Nurse Award 2007 Alfacalcidol and calcium supplement reduction in post-thyroidectomy patients

Nurse Award 2006 The impact of thyroid eye disease (TED) upon patients' wellbeing - a qualitative study.

Past BTF Research Awards

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