Since 1997 the BTF has supported research into thyroid disorders with an annual award. Details of past awards are listed below:

2021 Joe Plater BTF Thyroid Cancer Research Award Can new drug approaches elicit a novel dual action of radioiodine treatment?

2020 Research Award A novel genetic cause of medullary thyroid carcinoma

2019 Research Award (2) Measurement of environmental modulators of thyroid hormone biosynthesis, and investigation of their aetiological role in congenital hypothyroidism

2019 Research Award (1) FNAseq: Nanopore sequencing of FNA samples in thyroid cancer

2018 Doris Godfrey Research Award Morbidity And Mortality In Liothyronine Treated Patients: LT3 Outcome Study

2017 Research Award Longditudinal changes in thyroid function and TSH bioactivity in older participants from the Whickham cohort – implications for diagnosis of hypothyroidism

2016 Doris Godfrey Research Award Differentiated thyroid cancer survival, recurrence rates by disease stage and quality of life in the Northern Cancer Network

2015 Research Award Diagnosis and management of RTHα – a disorder characterised by tissue-specific hypothyroidism associated with near-normal thyroid function tests

2014 Research Award Management of hyperthyroidism during pregnancy; data from a large primary care cohort

2013 Research Award An Exploratory Pilot Study of Peripheral Blood MicroRNA Markers in Patients with Papillary Thyroid Cancer

2012 Research Award Characterisation of thyroid structure and function in the PBF knockout mouse

2011 Research Award Thyroid Function and Body Composition in Children: cause or effect? A study using Mendelian Randomization

2010 Research Award Investigation of metabolism and insulin sensitivity in the syndrome of Resistance to Thyroid Hormone

2009 Research Award The role of MCT8 in transplacental thyroid hormone transport and placental development using the knock-out mice model

2008 Research Award (2) The role of PBF - a novel binding partner of p53 - in differentiated thyroid cancer

2008 Research Award (1) A randomised study of two anti-thyroid drug treatment regimens in young people with thyrotoxicosis

2007 Research Award (2) Role of MCT8 in Skeletal Development and Maintenance of Adult Bone Mass

2007 Research Award (1) Thyroid dysfunction and thrombosis potential

2006 Research Award Thirty-year follow-up study of the Whickham cohort

2005 Research Award Prediction of mortality in overt and subclinical hyperthyroidism

2004 Research Award Thyrostimulin and TSH are Novel Skeletal Paracrine Factors that Regulate Bone Turnover

2002 Research Award A study of the relationship between maternal thyroid status in the first trimester of pregnancy and neonatal outcome

2001 Research Award Expression Profiling of Graves' Disease Lymphocytes

2000 Research Award Pituitary Tumour Transforming Gene (PTTG), PTTG Binding Factor (PBF) and Related Growth Factor Expression in Thyroid Cancer

Research Award 1999 Tissue Specific and Developmentally Regulated Human TRb1 5' UTR Splice Variants

Research Award 1998 Mortality after the Treatment of Hyperthyroidism

Research Award 1997 The Role of Sodium Iodide Symporter in Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

Past Nurse Awards

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