Last October we invited people across the UK to ‘Stride for Thyroid’ and put thyroid disorders on the map.
The walk could be any distance, in any location, and on any date during that month. We were delighted that
so many people took up the challenge in locations across the UK.

We were even joined by Jan, who did her ‘Stride’ whilst visiting Australia! Jointly our striders walked hundreds of
thousands of steps and represented a wide spectrum of thyroid disorders. This has helped to raise awareness of
thyroid disease, connect the UK thyroid community and raise vital funds for our work.

Each strider had their own motivation for taking part; from raising awareness to supporting
others with thyroid disease. Here are a few of their stories:

Phyllis: Our 3-year-old Freya was born without a thyroid gland and smashed our 10-mile walk; doing at least 50%
of it independently. We are beyond proud of her! It was a fun experience raising money for a cause that means
so much to us.

Hayley: I decided to walk 12,000 steps a day during October as my baby daughter was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism at seven days old. I have learnt so much since. I want to raise awareness and support your charity so
others know they are not alone.

Chloe: I went undiagnosed for years before I found out I have Graves’ disease. I did my Stride for Thyroid to
help raise awareness of all thyroid conditions.

Annie and Sarah: Around a year ago, my mum noticed my neck looked swollen and larger than usual. I’m
incredibly grateful that she pointed this out and that I was able to get prompt treatment. My thyroid journey isn’t completely over yet, as I await the results of my hemithyroidectomy. While thyroid cancer is rare, we wanted to raise as much
awareness as possible to encourage people to check their lumps and bumps. Walking is definitely not something I do
often, but mum and I put on our walking boots to support your incredible cause - one that is now so close to our hearts!

Kirklees Thyroid Support Group: Our group normally meets online so we thought this would be a good opportunity to meet one another and enjoy a social. We all took part to raise awareness of thyroid disease
and to help others like us who have a thyroid condition.

Kayleigh: I decided to walk 5K around Sefton Park to raise more awareness of thyroid disorders and let others
know they’re not alone.

Julia: I’ve been diagnosed with Graves’ disease for six years and have yet to achieve remission. I walked to
raise awareness of this condition.

Kayla: I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease at the age of 14 and struggled to find the information and support I
needed about Graves’ and treatment options. I am still on a rollercoaster
with my condition. I climbed Mount Snowden as I wanted to help the BTF put thyroid disorders on the map.

Jayne: I was set to run the Great North Run for the BTF but my pregnancy meant I needed to take it
easy. So I took the opportunity to volunteer and fundraise at the same time by being a volunteer walker at my
local Park Run. Jayne raised £96.

Please get in touch if you would like more details about taking part in 2023.