I ran the Regent's Park 5K on the 22nd of July to raise money for the BTF. I wanted to beat my 5K record of 23mins 10 seconds on the day and I was nervous in the morning before the race that I wouldn't be able to do it as I felt I hadn't been as effective during training in the last week before the race. I found it a great experience to run my first race and running with other people around me motivated me and energised me to smash my 5k record and get a new PB of 21 mins 17 seconds which I am very proud of. It has motivated me to keep running and aim to go below 20 minutes for my 5k time. I was proud of myself and really happy to be raising money for a cause that matters so much to me as I have struggled at times with the symptoms of having an underactive thyroid. I hope the money raised goes to help others who are in much worse situations than I have been!

Will raised £269.00 for the BTF